About us

Melissa – Photo Studio

Our photo studio wholly depends on the skills and prowess of our awesome crew of professional photographers!
This means, that for many years as of now we’ve been out-winning our competition with both our professionalism, but also our photography services’ diversity and cost-efficiency!
– With us, you’ll have access to the latest trends and technology that the photo and video industry has to offer.
– Get top-notch customer service from really fun studio staff.
– Choose from many styles of photography to match your personality: we do it all!
– Star in amazing creative Love Story movies and MTV-style music videos.
We meet every budget, from the most economical to the most elaborate, including destination weddings.
OK, we know we promised you five reasons, but we just had to tell you that there’s a 100% guarantee we will be there on your wedding day. All Piper weddings receive backup photographer.


“Best photo of the year”



“Family Photo of the year”



“Wedding Photo of the year”



“Best photo of the year”


While we were eager to celebrate our wedding in style, it wouldn’t be possible without a wedding photographer!


Thanks to this studio’s masters, all of our kids were subdued and shot onto a family portrait in no time!


Doing a series of highly artistic portraits of myself was so fun here! The photographers at this studio are so good!


Professional equipment we use when doing photography…

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